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Making your editing process easier.


Our Story
We want to make audio editing easier so you can feel relieved and save time. After listening to our first unedited podcast we were amazed (and a little embarrassed)
with how many times we said “um” and “like”. Arguably the worst part was that we had to edit all these filler words out by hand. It took us upwards to an hour to edit a 25 minute recording and
most of that time was dedicated to manually removing the filler words and sounds one by one. So we came up with the idea of building an editing software that would solve this problem!
Now we have CleanCast.ai to show for our efforts. We hope our product helps you reduce editing time and helps you have higher quality podcasts!

How we help
We have a system that can identify unwanted sounds and filler words so they can easily be removed from a recording, thus reducing time from your editing process.
Once you upload your audio, you can highlight an unwanted sound you would like to remove (it can be any “um”, “ah”, “like”, “er”, etc). We will then do our best to find all the matching sounds,
you can play around with the sensitivity to see what gets you best results. You can then easily navigate the audio and delete any sounds you like with our software, no need to listen to the
whole audio to find filler words. CleanCast.ai is the only software of its kind available today.

Contact us:
We would love to hear any and all feedback regarding your experiences with our product! Please email us at info@cleancast.ai to share.